It’s subtle, but adding frosted window film to this client’s kitchen cabinets and back door made the space feel much more peaceful. It’s an easy and inexpensive way improve a rental kitchen. (at Museum District)

Sneak peek at the high-gloss IKEA PAX wardrobes I designed/organized for the studio at Ledbury.

My assistant and I decluttered this client’s garage and maximized space with new taller shelving.

Minima was voted best home organizer in the R Home Magazine readers’ favorites 2014 poll. Thanks for the love RVA!

BEFORE & AFTER: My assistant and I transformed this client’s closet in under 4 hours today!

LESS stuff // MORE bunnies

I think my kitchen might be my favorite thing about my house… and I don’t even cook.

I’m excessively excited about this surge strip that I attached to a client’s dresser with 3M strips. Now all of her styling tools can be easily plugged in and the cable clutter is nicely tucked away.

Just a few more jewelry drawers to install and this client’s custom Container Store Elfa closet will be finished! I love the pull out drawers and laundry hamper.

“This year I had clients hire me in the face of severe depression, divorce, and looming brain surgery. They chose to focus on the minutiae of organizing because it balanced the weight of something unpleasant at best, frightening at worst. In turn, together we realized that it’s not minutiae at all. To create calm in one area of life has a steady and far-reaching ripple effect. Their personal environment was something they did have control over. Organizing gave them back their power.”
— Kacy Paide, The Inspired Office

PRO TIP: “File” your folded clothes to maximize space and easily see what you have. Fold into thirds for most items. Roll bulky pieces like sweaters and jeans.

Organizing autocorrect fail.